App Crashing with 5.2 Update

After the latest update the app keep crashing every time I try to open. This is V5.2. I tried deleting the app and downloading again without success. One thing I did try is turning off the access to contacts in iPhone settings, and the app opens just fine. But it’s obviously useless without contacts access. Please Help! I literally run so much from this app and it’s killing me right now.

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Evidently, they did an update to 5.2 yesterday. So I deleted Groups 5.0 from my iPhone, restarted my iPhone and reinstalled the app and it works perfectly now! Maybe try that.

My only frustration is with the new version it appears that they removed the Personalization feature from the app. Meaning the ability to personalize each text message to people in a group. Saving tons of time!

Hope that feature comes back!

Ok I see now and that worked for me also! Very different interface now. A couple things I’m noticing too…

  • No option to add ((name)), such a cool feature they had before
  • several of my groups have missing contacts or no contacts at all. Not sure what happened there
  • when there just a few people in the list, it doesn’t present the option to send the message individually

Hope they bring these back very soon!

Great! Glad to hear that solved your app loading. Yes, the ((First Nane)) feature is what I was referring to when I mentioned that the personalization feature was no longer in the new version

We brought it back with a vengeance. Download version 5.5 :wink:

We are going step by step and plan to add a lot more features in next releases, including full HTML templates for emails, link click tracking and more.

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