App ideas anyone can take and run with

Let’s use this thread to compile a list of ideas for the community.

Best way to learn about qp is to build something :wink:

“Jailbreak” app store.

Something that allows you to use an iOS or Android device, but build on a crypto curated app marketplace.

@Zak actually there’s been some news about that two days ago… Apple is preparing to comply with EU regulations demanding that they allow other app stores in their platforms.

Not only that, but apps could be “sideloaded”… this would mean that people would no longer simply be getting apps from the Apple app store and its curation, but it would become a free-for-all.

How secure is that? I don’t know… Apple has said sideloading is a “cybercriminal’s best friend”. Frankly, I’m not too excited by centralized app stores on native platforms, but at least now people would have multiple app stores:

What does excite me is the open Web, and having the ability to “install” apps that are securely sandboxed. Zak, you and I worked on these sandboxing ideas as early as 10 years ago, and soon they’ll be making an appearance:

WeChat mini-prgorams, and Telegram bots, are a great way to extend their platforms … Qbix would be like that, but decentralized:

Really it’s the Qbix emerging ecosystem… but the question is, how can native app stores play a role here? Do we really even need native apps anymore, if iOS allows websites to have notifications and contact pickers, as Android already does?

I think native apps have an advantage if they continue to feel more speedy and responsive than Web apps…however if we get a Web3 killer gaming app or something it could start pushing people to web apps.