Bringing community software to rural areas

The Problem

Lots of communities today, especially in rural areas, lack the kind of high-speed broadband connectivity to the Internet that many of us taken for granted. They deserve to host their own back-end software on local servers of their choice, rather than relying on back-end software that is hoarded by the Big Tech oligopoly. The attempts of Big Tech companies to bring the Internet to these billions of people fell flat, because they tried to hook them up to their privately-owned server farms:

Empowering People, Uniting Communities

Qbix Platform has been designed from the ground up to serve communities where they are, without making their communications go to a far-away server farm in California, owned by a Big Tech corporation. Here’s how it would work:

Any community can install it. Visit to get started.

Rural areas can organize group rides to events as well as daily commutes, coordinating who will be picking who up on the way. They can plan dinners, make reservations and appointments at local businesses, and more, without relying on the global Internet.

Hosting companies, designers, community moderators, and other providers around the world can serve their local communities by contributing their expertise and services to communities in their area, culture and language. See more at