Build server documentation

1. Introduction

Build server(next BS) is automation server tool to develop, build and deploy Cordova applications. BS implemented with Jenkins, that serves good for these purposes. Build process based on pipeline mechanism which allow to execute sequence of procedures step-by-step. BS placed on a Virtual Machine(next VM) with installed MacOS that located remotely and can be accessed via remote control app such as VNC Viewer.

2. Manage applications

To manage applications you need to enter Jenkins Dashboard.
Here is a steps to do it:

  1. Open VNC Viewer, enter in a search field, enter password and connect to VM
  2. Open terminal and run Jenkins by writing jenkins-lts, if it’s not running yet
  3. Open browser and go at http://localhost:8080 and login with your credentials in appeared form

Now you can see list of projects and latest builds. To build existing project go to Dashboard > [Project Name] > Build Now. Project will make a full cycle with building, creating package, making screenshots, sending invitations to Firebase Mobile Testers and releasing to AppStore Connect / Play Store.

3. Qbix-Cordova-Installer

All existing projects are using Pipeline script in their heart - Qbix-Cordova-Installer. This script must be connected via git when configuring a new project and it runs all procedures, generates all required files, folders, metadata.

4. Fastlane

BS uses Fastlane to automate building and releasing mobile apps. It handles tedious tasks so you don’t have to. Main script creates fastlane folder in each iOS and Android directory. In fastlane folder you can see bunch of files and folders, the most important of them:

  1. Fastfile - manages the lanes you’ll create to invoke fastlane actions.
  2. Appfile - stores the app identifier and any other identifying information that fastlane needs to set up your app
  3. metadata - will hold the majority of the app’s metadata
  4. Deliverfile - will hold a few remaining pieces of metadata
  5. screenshots - will contain the app screenshots

5. Version Control

Qbix-Cordova-Installer supports Version Control by Mercurial, visit