Can no longer send to Android

Hi, I have been the Groups app for years on my iPhone and love it. 2 days ago I sent a mass text which was never received by the group I sent it to. As it turns out the app would not send a message that included android users. Now, on top of that, I am unable to send pictures to any android users through regular iMessage. Help!! I have deleted groups and reinstalled. I have turned off cellular data and turned it back on, the same with MMS messaging, many many times. I have reset new work setting. Tonight I reset and restored my phone from the cloud and it still does not work.

This is because iMessage is only supported by iPhones (the blue bubbles), and when you send a group message it doesn’t seem to be received.

Try sending in batches of 1, which also allows you to personalize the messages. You can do this by clicking “Working with Contacts” and then pressing the messages one by one. It also prevents the ability for recipients to “Reply All”.

Thank you for the reply.

I cannot find an option to send in batches of one in sequence. If you mean sending the messages individually one at a time, that is no longer a group text.

I still don’t understand how up until last Friday I had no issues sending a group message of both iOS and android users where all received it just fine and were able reply back as a group.