Creating new chats

Is there any way to start a new chat that isn’t a based on a link?

I just want to ask a question

Qbix supports starting chats around anything, including recorded episodes of shows:

However, in the Communities plugin, in the “Conversations” page we chose to require at least one link. We feel that discussions are better when someone has put the time to gather the evidence and arguments, before making others address it. It could be a third party who has produced a video or an article.

In general, when content produced by one party can be read by many people, the principle is that the party producing the content should bear the cost of making it as good as possible. The benefits accumulate when each person does it.

Integration with Discourse Forums

If you want the ability to start a discussion without a link, simply code it yourself in Qbix, or you can use the Discourse forum software (as you are doing now). Qbix supports integrating a Discourse forum (which is also open source and can run on your servers) with a Qbix site, as you can see at and

These days you can also have AI bots produce responses, such as with our demo here:

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I like that, keeps discussion board clean and focused.

I think there is still a place for free-form posts place like a news-feed though. Maybe bring back the profile wall idea, and news-feed of just wall activity.