Groups not allowing met to send sms

using Groups app on Iphone. I go in, select my category, then either all or some users. All of whom have mobile phone #'s. i then try to send an SMS and I get a message “Hold On, please select some contacts with mobile numbers”. this is intermittent. it may work if I try to do it 20 times, This only started recently.

Same message if I try to send emails.except “emails” instead of “mobile numbers” in error message. Very frustrating.

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This is happening to me, too.

Posting here to follow conversation.

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I am having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution?

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Its frustrating bc its really a fantastic app

TO THE APP DEVELOPERS: WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO PAY FOR SUCH AN APP, or for service to correct this problem

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Any luck figuring the problem out? Thanks

Ok we figured out how to bypass this bugg:

When you get that annoying message, hit ok or cancel

Then click on any one contact on the list, and hit ‘back’

Then continue trying to send and it’ll work

It’ll just not send that one contact which you had used

Good luck

Me also. Hope it gets fixed. This groups app is the best on the market hopefully program can be sorted out soon

Oh, that is affecting users of Groups 4.0 and below who updated to iOS 17. Apple completely changed how apps interact with contacts, and deprecated the old framework.

We took the opportunity to rewrite the app from scratch. Please download the latest version from on your phone. Let us know if that fixed it!

If you like the app and it’s been helpful to you, would you take a minute to write a quick review? Our team really gets motivated by hearing how the app is helping people: