Qbix, Intercoin and EngageUsers.ai

Qbix Platform has many different applications, including those that help:

  • influencers build a community around their content
  • leaders build a movement around their initiatives
  • teachers build courses using online materials

Among other things, Qbix’s is building an ecosystem of plugins can help communities

  • collaborate and create shareable clips
  • schedule classes and events on a calendar
  • let people buy internal credits to pay for classes and events
  • reward people with credits for bringing other paying members
  • manage recurring subscriptions to content
  • let content creators, and others connect their bank accounts and receive pay-outs using the banking system (thanks to integrations with Stripe)

Intercoin, which we spun out in 2017, develops Web3 blockchain applications that allow members to connect their crypto wallets in order to:

  • set up one-time or recurring payments
  • receive pay-outs using the blockchain
  • securely manage roles in a community
  • securely engage in governance and voting

In 2023, we spun out EngageUsers.ai in order to create a unified framework for AI to help communities to:

  • power distributed workflows that include image processing, language tasks, etc.
  • summarize forum activity, and answer questions
  • produce more engaging multimedia presentations based on the summaries
  • interactively organize activities and group discounts

Working together:

  • Qbix takes care of the Web2 (social) and Peer-to-Peer applications
  • Intercoin takes care of the Web3 (blockchain) and Distributed applications
  • EngageUsers.ai takes care of AI (workflows) and Collaboration with people and communities