Reddit users are revolting

This is what happens when the platform so many people use is controlled by a few decision-makers. Especially when those decision-makers sell the company and want to start extracting rents for their new owners. Here’s what Hacker News has been saying.

That’s why Qbix matters so much:

Oh, it got worse.

Reddit is now forcing people to install its app. It’s no longer supporting web-based interfaces it seems.

Qbix is web-first for a reason, by the way. The Open Web allows so much interoperability and has led to so much wealth creation for the world. Plus, if everyone runs some software on their site, it’s much harder to ban than an app in the store.

People on Hacker news are scrambling to think of alternatives to Reddit, but sadly, in 2023 there aren’t any great alternatives to Big Tech infrastructure:

That’s why we built Qbix: