Groups App Totally Redesigned, Released

After iOS 17 broke the way apps interact with contacts and groups in the phone, we realized it’s finally time to undertake the long-planned redesign of the app from scratch as a hybrid web app.

Since so much of the Qbix Platform is designed to work on the open Web, it only made sense to package all that functionality into a web app that can work on both iOS and Android, making it much easier to maintain and update across mobile platforms, as well as integrate with the rest of our ecosystem. To do this, we made use of technologies like Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) and Ionic Capacitor.

The Experience

The new Groups app is designed to be a powerful, yet easy-to-use, tool for managing your contacts and effectively following up with people you met, right from your iPhone. The interface has been simplified down to a few large buttons, so it can be used by people who aren’t so tech-savvy.

organize | message | remember

Do you meet a lot of people? Sort your contacts into groups. Quickly find people by any criteria.

Initiate all your calls and messages from the app, using email, SMS, Telegram or WhatsApp

Keep track of who you’ve called and messaged, and maintain notes about your conversations.


We’re happy to say we got some great reviews for the Groups, but also reviews of users who were used to the old version and a experiencing warts with the new one, that we have been busy fixing. Across the reviews over the years, we are struck by how vital Groups is to many community leaders around the world, and many people become leaders by using it. Here is a selection of the latest reviews after the new version came out:

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In February, we released three new app updates, and around 3 million devices updated our app.

This means the Groups app is installed on close to 1 million devices worldwide:

Here are some more metrics from the App Store for the new version, which we are working to improve over the next few months:

Since we don’t spend any money on advertising, here is how our users discover the app, and how the product page converts:


We also moved our support from Facebook to this very website, using this very forum software that we integrate with. If you have any issues with Groups, or want to help people that do, simply visit and engage with the account you already have: